Everyday Tarot, 07/09/11: Lighten up on the Dust Bunnies! Rev. 10 of Cups

ten-cups-tarot-forecastAll around me, I’m seeing people dealing with “old news.” Venus/Pluto action, maybe? Whatever, we’re getting frustrated, impatient and cranky–because these ancient issues are peeking out from under the bed, like so many discarded socks, covered with dust from years of inattention.

You know, I understand. I’m seeing the same thing in my life. But really, when this happens, there is a reason. I’m thinking the reason is that now is exactly the right time to clear out those dust bunnies!

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Ten of Cups or “Lord of Success Perfected,” associated with Mars in Pisces. Sometimes, people are bothered by seeing this card inverted, but to me,  even reversed it’s got a good, harmonious (if not perfectly so) vibe.

Cleaning out Psychic Dust Bunnies - Now's a good time!Tarot tens herald a completion that simultaneously paves the way for a new beginning. Can’t have one without the other. And the Ten of Cups suggests home and family is getting shored up, so you’ll be better equipped to deal with the Tarot Court that follows—the Tarot Cups allow feelings to become integrated. The Page of Cups helps you become aware  of feelings, while the Knight of Cups struggles with what you find. The Queen of Cups examines the roots, to integrate. And the King of Cups teaches you to live true to those feelings. That’s a very powerful cycle to undertake! There’s really no reason to be concerned if it takes a while.

We ARE doing fine, okay? All those of you annoyed, worried, or uncertain because it’s not just DONE already, lighten up. (I include myself in that list, by the way.) There’s the space—the gap, the void between cleaning out the old and replacing it with the new—that makes us uncomfortable. It’s not settled, and we have to take things on faith a minute.

Have you been cussing your dust bunnies?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    Just what I needed, of course.

  2. CancerMom says

    Oh Kim thanks so much for the good thoughts & I’m sending you “Patience” vibes, of course I’m not the patient type so good luck with those.

    I guess I’m just being whiney, it’s an inner child thing.

  3. (((CancerMom)))

    Holding a good thought for you!

  4. CancerMom says

    “All those of you annoyed, worried, or uncertain because it’s not just DONE already…” This is SO me & I AM PISSED!

    I’m sick & tired of the dust bunnies, luggage, stuff in the luggage, worn out energy & expired F#%@ING MAYO! Can’t we just send in a mental bulldozer to move it all out to the cosmic dumpster & be done with it already?!? I hate it’s still back there in the corners of my memory that I want to scream!

    • ♥ (((CancerMom))) ♥ – Sending you fruitful renovation vibes.

      • CancerMom says

        HAHA “Renovation Vibes” I love it! I don’t know if I’m PMSing, planet alignment or what but I’ve been very short fused lately.

        Thanks for vibes. (((D)))

  5. Wow, still bringing a very literal interpretation to this. I’ve been dusting and cleaning nonstop for the past couple days. And yes, I’m feeling like “how can I still not be done?”

  6. I got this message loud and clear yesterday accompanied by “two weeks, just give it two weeks and you will see.”
    So, ok Universe, two weeks. I can do that. So, hanging in. I’m just glad Uranus is in retro so maybe I’ll have a bit more patience.

    Blessings to us all!

  7. Oh, and Dixie?

    Thanks for that last paragraph. I needed that. I want to feel 100% well NOW, and I’ve just got to be patient. (NOT my strong suit.)

  8. House dust bunnies? No.
    My personal dust bunnies? Oh, hell yes.
    Cute pic of the bunnies, by the way!

  9. ::sighs:: Yes, I have, LOL…

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