04/24/12: How’s your movie? | Hanged Man

What’s your story? What movie are you starring in? Does your script need a rewrite? If you alter lines will it change the outcome?

The Zodiac Tarot has such an interesting, astro-only take on the cards. Today, we’ve got the Hanged Man, associated with Neptune. Here, it’s shown as the movie theater, where the drama is playing out on screen and all the attendees are voluntarily immersing themselves into the story.

It’s NOT about what’s going on in your life. It’s all about the story you tell yourself about what’s going on in your life. EVERYTHING is perspective!

Got that? Everything. Is. Perspective.

If you don’t like it, rewrite your own script—that’s the only one you’ve got editorial control over, y’know? And if you cannot immediately impact outer circumstances that you don’t like, fair enough. Adjust your inner dialogue, and the whole tenor of the movie will change. It’s akin to changing your life’s background score. It impacts the subjective experience more than you’d ever guess.

Yes. It is that simple. Take faith, friends, and apply it to the task at hand.

Does your movie need some rewrites?




Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. Yes! My movie needs some rewrites, Dixie. What an inspirational meditation to hold.

  2. How funny – I bought this deck because of one card you posted (can’t remember which one!) and fell in love with it and the deck has been sitting unexplored on my desk! Lovely post And thanks for the reminder to revisit this deck xoxo Tuesday hugs to you

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