01/14/14: Happy Budget! / 9 Pentacles, Sacral Chakra

9 Pentacles & Sacral Chakra

What a lovely little combo we’ve got for today! The Sacral Chakra came up, so I pulled a Tarot-ish companion and got the Nine of Pentacles, here as “Material Harvest.”

I recently told a client to budget some energy for herself. Much like the financial advice of “pay yourself first,” here the joy-making needs to be prioritized and protected. Pleasure isn’t the only benefit of a free-flowing second charka. Creativity, contentment and satisfaction add into the mix.

Set aside some special time, spend an hour doing something “just for the joy of it,” and don’t neglect your sensual self. Indulgent baths, fine chocolate (if your nutritional plan fits), comfortable clothing, arts and crafts time, a cup of hot tea and a good book, some classical music, sewing, cooking, painting, or even a romp with your partner would all fit into sanctioned Sacral Charka activities. You have my blessing to be good to yourself!

It helps you to get your wishes. It’s the time to do exactly as you wish. Make room for it!

Are you ready for a “Sacral Chakra” break?

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