07/06/12: Prescription: Mirror for 1 | Hermit


“No man is hurt but by himself.” – Diogenes the Cynic

The Hermit (Virgo) is both delightful and utterly frustrating at the same time when he shows up in a reading. On the one hand, he very clearly lets us know the information we really need is already available. Great, right? On the other hand, he tells us to “look within” to find it! Ugh.

Not unlike those trite-but-true homilies like “being yourself” to attract a mate or “you already have all you need,” he hands us a prescription that’s a lot easier to give than to swallow oneself.

Notice the moon in the background; the Hermit, like the Moon, is one of the Tarot Nines.  The Moon is all about illusions, trickery and uncertainty, whereas the Hermit’s job is to clarify his singular reality. Both are cards of integration, where light and dark must fraternize.

The Hermit’s task can be grueling because he must stop looking outside himself. While there is power becoming guided from within, there is also plenty of discomfort! The purity of the Hermit befits virginal Virgo symbolism. Because of his self-definition, outside forces cannot taint the well. But neither can they dilute it when the realization runs a bit sour, so it’s a dual-edged sword.

The Hermit tells me I must rely on my own emotional and spiritual resources. A truth can only be mine after I’ve integrated it. He reminds me to stay squarely upon my own path, lest I get distracted by the illusion that I do not chart my own course. Being over-involved in others’ lives, opinions, needs, wants, desires is one way I might avoid facing my own lessons.

My job is singular—learn my own lessons the best I can. Leave others’ lessons to others.

What does the Hermit have to tell you?

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