04/19/12: Scale of Judgment

Ah, the moment of truth! A dieter steps onto the scale, anxiously leaning to see exactly what the tally is. What a wonderful metaphor for Judgment (Pluto). There is no sugar-coating or spin with Pluto. You’ve got exactly what you’ve got, the “meat” of the matter, but no more nor less. Like the dieting housewife, the verdict is coming in and no amount of rationalization is going to change the number on that little dial.

I’ve heard people say that what others think of them is not their business. This struck me starkly, like many truths do. What could someone own more than their own thoughts? How is it my right, to manage or evaluate or convince or cajole or otherwise interfere? If it’s to each of us to traverse our individual journeys, then it would have to be to each of us to form our individual perspectives.

Like the Hermit, Judgment would have you look within. You can attribute any and every situation to the people around you, God, society, circumstance, what have you. I can’t think of a less empowering approach, though.

Outside forces, we have NO control over. While choices may be understandable in the circumstance, due to circumstance, mental gymnastics notwithstanding, those choices may not feel so great in the context of a solely personal accounting.

Judgment advises just such a personal accounting. Weigh out you OWN behavior, you own choices, exclusive and independent of anybody or anything else. Naked. Because when judgment comes, it’s a reckoning you must face alone. Make sure you can live with whatever you’ll find, blemishes and all. Because, guess what? You will.

How do you generally fare with the scale of judgment?

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by Paul Kepple

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