11/03/11: Karma with a Side of Humble Pie? | Reversed Judgment


“What goes around comes around,” people will sometimes say. I’m one of those people. That’s the phrase that leaps to mind whenever I see Tarot’s Judgment card. Not the clean-cut swiftness that Justice intends, but more results eventually taking shape as a result of long-standing patterns and repeated choices.

“Don’t wait for the last judgment – it takes place every day.” –Albert Camus

It’s an appealing concept many levels—getting what one deserves, right? The hateful thief dies alone. The good Samaritan is rewarded. Karma cleans it all up. Except when it’s your questionable choices up for review, the thought isn’t quite so nice.  Oh…

Today’s Tarot is Judgment reversed, associated with Pluto. Within it lies the key to transformation–an accurate accounting of the facts, fairly weighing (without rancor) both your contributions and those of others. Choices come home to roost. Reversed, I may look to an uneven weighting of facts, delays in consequence, or perhaps an admonition to stop assigning blame.

Tarot_20_JudgmentPeople are often afraid of this card—not the Tarot Nova positive-spin-sanitized butterfly so much, but the RWS Zombie parade, yes! At it’s heart, Judgment is not about Zombies. The angel’s trumpet, however, does announce the day of reckoning. Situations current or long gone, doesn’t matter. Judgment shines light on circumstance we may have thought long dead and buried.

We may get angry at others’ faults, even angrier at our own. We see the shortcomings, but miss the strengths. Or we may see only the strengths, and miss the flaws. It doesn’t’ matter, really. When you see Judgment appear, the die has been cast. Truth will out. Truth always outs, and you’ll get an early notification, if you’re willing to keep your eyes open.

I find Judgment oddly dispassionate, not so much a moral imperative or Tarot lecture, but a heads up. Reminder that what you sow leads to what you reap. While it may feel like punishment at times, this fact is quite frankly a gift. It puts YOU in the driver’s seat. If you’re not happy about the crop you’ve got ripening, time to review what you’re planting…

Are you seeing the impact of Judgment’s energy?

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by Dennis Fairchild

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  1. After recently letting go of alot of stuff and realizing the judgement of others makes one feel better about themselves – rather they feel this at the time or not. Wednesday I was telling a friend a story I’ve repeated numerous times about a mutual friend & a situation surrounding their life. I was all prepared to tell this story with my usual ferver & indignation only this time the words didn’t feel so good & made me feel like a total bitch – this NEVER happened before.

    MORAL; when you start shining up yourself you realize you’ve been trying to makes yourself LOOK shinier by making another person SEEM less shiny. It’s a total allusion and you realize you’ve deluded yourself more than anyone else.

    • Funny what a little perspective does, isn’t it? I think you should congratulate yourself for adjusting your outlook. Some people go through their entire lives never doing much of that.

  2. Quite simply the best piece of writing on the Judgement card I’ve ever read. In-depth, but clear and accessible. Thank you so much. This was one of those cards that I find challenging to get clear on, so I was so happy to see you did a post on it!

  3. I’m fine with my choices. I made them with the information I had, with love not hate and would do the same again. I feel guilty for being half dead from effort to fix everything I really don’t think I should have to fix. Judgement cards give me an anxiety attack based in childhood patterns where I was always called lacking and lazy if I hadn’t conformed and been ready to die to get my grandmother’s to do list finished. I try to find a balance now between dropping everything I want and resentfully reclaiming my time from someone else’s list. Judgement cards always make me freak I’m about to get mine for selfish time hoarding even as I get pissed at feeling the need to defend the choice. Bleh. Not sure how to break the cycle.

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