04/06/12: Heart-Fueled | King of Cups

“To thine own heart be true.” That’s what the King of Cups says. He LIVES his heart, you know? He’s the fiery part of Water—Kings act, create, make decisions and enforce edicts. This one, specifically, does so in tune with his heart.

It’s not always easy. But it’s what makes him successful, in the long haul. And the long haul is what he minds.

See, the King of Cups doesn’t live via expediency. He doesn’t calculate the cost, because, to him, the cost of not doing so in inconceivable. He’d have to live with himself. He has to ACT in accordance with his feelings. The Queen is satisfied with understanding them, but the King has to do something about it!

If he’s not well-dignified, he may be over-emotional or even delusional. (Can you say “duck and cover”?) And regardless, he might want to watch the drink; he may get a bit caught up in excitement of the moment. He is a hopeless romantic, y’kno.

A King of Cups whose life is out of sync with his heart will be disturbed, unhappy, unfocused. It creates pain.  He needs to have them match to be effective. At his best, he’s fueled by love.

I’d like to be like him, at his best.

You know any King of Cups? Can you use his energy in your life?

04/06/12: Heart-Fueled | King of Cups 2 Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche