04/28/14: Finding the Good Life / King of Pentacles

King Pentacles Meaning

Well, that New Moon Eclipse in Taurus would surely approve of the King of Pentacles in the avatar of Abundance. This guy knows the good life and is not afraid to live it!

My advice for the day? Eat well, sleep well, and appreciate the Hell out of all you have. Don’t you know there are people that don’t have what you do? Whatever “it” is , whatever is valuable to you, whatever means the most to you, someone doesn’t have it. Whether your something is enough food, a safe place to be, supportive family, good friends, a cute kid, a purring pet, health, a strong mind, what-ev-er! Just don’t be that someone else who is taking it for granted, man.

Appreciate the beauty in your life today, and let your heart swell with gratitude for it. That puts you in the right frame of mind for setting your intentions.

Know whatever intention you are setting at this time is being etched in stone—expect it to be solid, unmovable and long-lasting. So make sure it is born of a loving heart.

Can you find “the good life” in your now life?

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  1. Love this!!!!!

    With my giant veggie salad that is so yummy. Got the cute kid too, so life really is good.

  2. What a pretty photo you have today, Dixie. And, as always, an excellent message.

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