05/06/12: Aiming Creative Power | King of Wands

IMG_2142I’ve seen a hundred and one movies, where the quirky and hopeless underdogs outwit and outperform their nemesis, the favored but arrogant interlopers. Against all odds, of course. We want ’em to win because it really means something to them.

And why do they always prevail (besides the wisdom of scriptwriters)?  Because the lovable underdogs have heart! That is the essence of the King of Wands.

Fire in fire IS fire! The Creator is of singular, focused intent, burning hot and bright. His determination comes from passion.  Is he holding that energy ball or is it just bursting forth? Either way, it seems well placed for his 3rd Charka, the seat of power.

The question he asks is, “Are you creating, with your whole heart and soul?” Whatever you’re trying to make—a home, a painting, a living, a difference—put your whole heart into what you want to create.

If you have great love for what you’re doing, either the process or the goals, then everything you do toward that ends will be saturated with your love. It glows.

On the flip side, the King of Wands can be hotheaded and stubborn, and may not know when to quit.  That’s why it’s so important he keeps himself emotionally balanced and chooses where he aims that considerable flame he’s got well.

Bonus: If you create with concentrated, focused intention, it’s the equivalent of a simple magic spell. If you take action (either literal or symbolic) while visualizing your attention, passionately, you are amplifying that vibration, shifting your energy of potential to that channel. It’s powerful.

You feeling your creative power?

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by John Holland
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  1. Kashmiri says:

    Hi Dixie, I miss you and hope you’re well x

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