04/21/13: Self-Made / King Wands


The Creator is the alter ego of the King of Wands, and you know what he says to me? What you’ve got right now, here, in the forefront of your mind? This is what you made.

If you like it, acknowledge your role in bringing it about. Allow yourself to feel that creative power fully, so you can wield it most effectively.

If you do not like it, acknowledge your role in bringing it about. Not to beat yourself up, but to change what you do not want into what you do want.

Whatever house you are in today, you have built with your own hands and heart. Reside there or remodel, as the situation warrants.

Do you feel like a creator in your life?

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  1. Yes, I feel like a (very successful) creator in my life, except in ONE area, where I am so friggin stumped, I could ______________@!!!!

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