08/04/11: Your Part in the Show | Knight of Pentacles, Strength & Justice

It’s been a bit of a chaotic week around my house. Maybe you’ve noticed, my energy hasn’t been as present? Sorry about that, but real life goes on. However, things are settling I’m glad to say, and as always, Tarot is here to help us  with much-needed perspective. So let’s take a peek, shall we?


  • Prince of Stones (aka Knight of Pentacles), associated with Air in Earth
  • Strength, associated with Leo
  • Justice, associated with Libra

Practical concerns rule the day; don’t let details slide. They matter. Think everything through carefully, and then follow through on your ideas to make it real. Mercury is now in retrograde (infamous communication snafus and do-overs until Aug. 26) along with a Cardinal Grand Cross, so we can safely say there’s stress. Having backup plans and allowing for flexibility is favored in this astro-weather.

Perseverance is also a must—it’s absolutely time to perform! You’re on the stage and will be judged (or more likely, judging yourself) according to how dramatically you pull it together. Special attention to balance and fairness also pays off. Each individual has their own part to play. Appropriate boundaries are a necessity to managing well. Where divisions of responsibility are not equitable, expect problematic issues to surface. While this may be uncomfortable, it’s necessary to resolve such questions for a truly sustainable future.

Cheer on others but earn your own applause, granting loved ones the respect to believe they can earn theirs. Your faith in their abilities to pull it off is more valuable than any direct assistance you could provide, anyway.

You working on your performance?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. What a great Strength card! It is very Leo! Is the whole deck influenced by the zodiac like this? I’m guessing yes, as it IS called the Zodiac Tarot!
    Lovely Interpretation, as always.

    • Sorry your comment got delayed, Johanne. The spam filter does not like you but eventually will learn how delightful you are, as I’ve already discovered!

      Yes, the Zodiac Tarot exclusively dedicated to the astrological associations for each card using Golden Dawn with modern planetary associations. They usually do coincide meanings with the RWS to some degree, so I think it’s a good cross-over deck for astrologers learning Tarot.

  2. oh yeah, self-evaluation time for sure On going, like watching an old movie reel.

    ps I hate seeing the effect this Merc rx is having on Mercurians Was funny tho, Ox got “took” yesterday with one of those iphone apps that put a ghost in the picture. He came home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html showing me all proud because he is just now embracing the woo-woo. I was like, ok, that one isn’t real. He’s pretty used to being the trickster not the tricked.

  3. Ack. Scheduling didn’t work as anticipated. Thanks, Merc Retch!

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