05/31/12: Almost Done with the Chores | Knight Pentacles, 10 Wands


Man, man, man! I keep drawing cards relating to working very hard—Knight of Pentacles (Air in Earth) and Ten of Wands (Saturn in Sagittarius) are on today’s menu. The beautiful Shadowscapes artwork doesn’t dull the point, though, that this is a heavy combo, detail-drenched and full of expansive (Sagittarius) responsibility (Saturn).

Geez. I work all the time as it is, it feels like.

It does cheer me that  we’re talking Ten of Wands, though. Yes, it’s a burdened card, true. But as one of the Tarot Tens, I know we’re at the end of the work cycle here, and that the weight of the world won’t much longer reside on one’s back.

I’m reading this as encouragement; we’re almost done with the chores! I’m looking forward to the evening drink, after the work day is through, thank you very much.

Are you feeling this, too?

05/31/12: Almost Done with the Chores | Knight Pentacles, 10 Wands 2 Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  • ScorpioMoonGirl says:

    So spot on! Today marked the ending of the busiest period for me at work, the culmination of all culminations. Every year it happens like this, the first days of June come, and then it’s all over. April and May have flashed by and I’ve worked so hard. Overtime is almost the norm. But it’s almost done now. Yesterday, it was still hectic, but today it is almost done. Wrapped up for the time being. Now all that follows is a few more weeks of finishing touches at a slowing pace, and then my vacation starts. And from there on, adventures!

  • Dixie says:

    Yeah, I’m plowing through with you all. Looking forward to putting those wands down, man!!

  • Liily says:

    Totally! Started last week and still a few more days of it, at least.

  • Marly K says:


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