Knight of Wands: Get moving!

I run a sizable Facebook page. And people getting started out sometimes come to me, asking for advice. I’m generally at a loss for what to tell them.

Because when I tell them the truth, they are not likely to believe me. 

They are expecting secrets and formulas and systems. I don’t have any of that.

See, I tried to run a business like it, years before. I had a good start and was very excited and worked very, very hard. I gave it all I had!

And I got exactly nowhere beyond mediocrity. I eventually gave up, but still had the Facebook page. For a long time, it sat around collecting dust and spam.

It was a touchy subject.

But as time passed, I started feeling better about the whole thing. I got over the topic–and more importantly, myself. I released expectations and just played there, whenever I happened to feel  like it.

People would email me, wanting to network on something or other, and I said “No thanks,” over and over again. “This is just a little thing I do for public service,” I’d say. “I am not trying to turn it into anything.”

I was just doing whatever felt good, whenever I felt like doing it, because I wanted to do it.

Guess when it took off?

[bctt tweet=”Not trying pays off. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

In the initial trying, I introduced a LOT of contradictory energy. I was worried about my decisions being right or my skills being good enough or letting down other people or whether or not I was worthy of success in that space.

In the not trying, I just did my thing. There was no split in my energy. I didn’t take any action, ever, TO make something happen–and hence, I didn’t have any doubts or fears or self-criticism clouding the choices I was making. I was just doing what felt good, in the moment–one moment after another moment after another.  The steps that took me from there to here unfolded naturally.

We spend so much of our lives, thinking success or failure is all wrapped up in our action–studying, figuring out the right action, taking it, working hard, giving it our all. It sure wasn’t for me.

Results come with good timing. And the timing doesn’t come from analyzing or figuring out all the permutations of potential trajectories.

Good timing comes from being connected.

Doing what I wanted to do, what I enjoyed doing, when it felt good to do it? That hooked me up with the right people and circumstances to grow into more. That gave me perfect timing. That is pretty much the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

The best action today isn’t going to be the best action last month or the best action next week. And the way the Universe works? You don’t see way ahead, how every step is going to play out. It’s malleable. It moves and transforms. It’s energy in motion and the flow of that energy is going to change from moment to moment, just like your energy flows and changes, from moment to moment.

You see the next step forward and that’s it. But honestly? That’s enough.

Plugging in is what makes your timing right. Being connected and in the flow. Am I starting to sound like a broken record about this? Because honestly, I think this is always the answer.

That being said, of course: I’m expecting this week is ripe for some action. And if you stay plugged in, it should work out well for you. Just make sure you’re more interested in feeling good while you’re doing it than in how it’s going to pay out and you’ll do well.

Knight of Wands: Expect movement! While you may change your mind and adjust course, don’t worry over it. Just enjoy your ride for the sake of the ride. If you do that, then it will be fun and rewarding every step of the way and into the next, best place you’re going.

Be well out there!

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  1. Great advice as always, Dixie. Thanks.

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