06/29/13: Heart & Soul Reunited / Lovers

lovers-tarot-meaningI heard some feedback from one of my Tarot people from a session recently. She’s looking to perform and has to fight perfectionism. Her task was reconnecting with the love, the passion in her performance. Evidently, she was able to do so spectacularly, to the point it moved everyone who witnessed it.

That was what prompted me to say this:

Noticing a theme? At least this is upright. That’s always a bit of relief, when we’re talking the Lovers and their kin. Has the honeymoon commenced? Or maybe it’s recommenced. Because love is in the air!

This card can speak to a romance, of course. But it could really be any type of love. In this particular rendition, I’d be especially mindful of reconnecting with a previously discarded passion of any sort. You may be able to pick up right where you left off. And that reconnection is POWERFUL, not just for you. But for those who are touched by the strength of your passion.

Reconnecting with up any “old loves”?


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