07/14/12: Mercury Retro & Watch Your Mouth | Rev. Knight of Swords


Reader Alert: It’s Mercury Retrograde in effect for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Double-check communications, travel plans, anything Mercury related. Pack your patience and you should be fine. Great time for reflect, review and redo! (I’m going to be editing the next volumes for the Everyday Tarot Archives books during this time…)

And what a great card to usher in Mercury Rx—the reversed Knight of Swords! Be aware of communication misfires, errors in logic, or reasoning that’s “not quite right.”

As always, extra love and patience is very helpful during this time as others are often fussing with the exact same types of annoyances you are. I have started to see this Knight reversed when there needs to be special caution to watch your mouth, so you know. Forewarned and all.

I will say, though, I usually start feeling Merc Rx periods at least a week in advance, and this one is much quieter and gentler than most. I’m grateful for that.

Are you feeling Mercury Rx yet?

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by Dixie Vogel

Something to entertain you while you’re waiting out Merc Rx. Ha!

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  1. Oh my God yes I am feeling it!!! Work was hell yesterday and it should be fun for the next three weeks, I’m calling in dead!!!

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