12/25/13: Uh, Merry Christmas? / 5 of Cups

5 cupsUh, Merry Christmas? Sorry! Was not wanting the Five of Cups to be the draw of the day for Christmas, but that’s where it came up, man.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. A lot of times, special occasions provide reminders of losses, loved ones who have passed on, and many types of regrets. The difference between fantasy and reality glares in sharp contrast. It’s not always pretty.

My advice for today:

  1. Don’t get sloppy drunk. More to regret!
  2. If you feel sad, you feel sad. Let yourself expend that emotional energy so it can flow through you and not back up.
  3. When you’re done feeling the sting of what you no longer have, don’t forget to acknowledge what you DO have. No, it’s not “the same.” But doesn’t mean it’s without value, either.

How’s your holiday looking?

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  1. Hey .. this is spot on for me today. Thank you for the perfect reminder. In my mind is that which I have lost – but what I have is 3 angels I love dearly. Every time I get stuck on the loss i re read your text and see the present joys. No it’s not the same; but it does have a greater value in many many ways and is a gift in itself.

    Have a good Christmas … xx

  2. My mother is drunk, and has ruined tonight for me. I wanted her to stay sober – so this is on point.

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