02/23/13: Miracles of Love / Queen of Coins

This Queen of Coins features Lúthien, grieving for her love, Beren. After overcoming incredible odds and facing incredible dangers, the two lovers manage to unite…until Beren was killed…

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In the end, the Gods took pity on Lúthien’s suffering, and she was allowed to exchange her immortality to spend a human life with her true love.

Aside: the story was considered by Tolkien to be central to his world and reflected his relationship to his wife, Edith. On his grave, Tolkien is referred to as Beren and Edith as Lúthien. Now that’s one Hell of a romantic gesture, don’t you think?

Today, I’m seeing the message of the superhuman power of love. Speak, be, do, live and act directly from your heart. You never know when the Gods may be moved by your sincerity.

The Queen of Coins does live in the real world, but she may “rework” some of the rules, at least today, through the incredible transforming power of love.

Do you think love makes miracles?


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  1. I hope it does.

  2. It sure would be awesome if it did.

    And that bit about Tolkien and his wife? That rocks! ::thumb up::

  3. I’m trying to transform my son and asking for miracles…

  4. Love IS a miracle. I tell hubby “I dont’ know what I did in a past life to get you in this one”, he replies with the same yet I don’t think he means it like me. It’s more with a humored smirk I’m glad the Gods knew.

    “Speak, be, do, live and act directly from your heart.” Wise advice and I think the hardest person to love is ourself.

    • P.S. The Tolkien love story is beautiful. It’s funny how his name keeps showing up around here. Our neighbor’s son is leaving for boot camp today and we took him a little gift. He’s a language & translation specialist who likes Tolkien. In the card our daughter wrote him an Elvish farewell:

      Namarie Mellon Alamene” (I think) which means “Farewell friend, go with our blessings”. I might actually have to read Tolkien’s work never interested until now

  5. I know love makes miracles. It is the most powerful and amazing energy in this world. If drug companies could bottle it… well, lucky for us it’s free and infinitely available to all! Some days more than others, it sometimes seems, but that makes me appreciate it all the more when I feel it.

  6. A miracle of love indeed! My daughter came over for a visit. I surprised her with a late Valentine’s gift. So grateful and happy!

  7. Ah, such nice comments on this one! Thank you guys.

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