Keep the Mirror Handy! Weekly Tarot Flow, July 14 – 18

July 14-18 Tarot Flow

Looking at this mix of Pentacles and Major Arcana, I’m seeing this as a very concrete, physically-oriented week. Think Earth Element! It’s about manifesting, making energy tangible. For Tuesday’s draw, two cards fell out together so I’m reading them together. But basically it looks like a mix of have and have not, who does what for whom.

Monday, Resolution – Chariot: Whatever problem you have come up today is best resolved by going back to your goals. It is easy enough to get sidetracked into arguing or obsessing over the irrelevant. What really counts? Pragmatism and goal-oriented decisions lead the way to problem solving today. Whenever there is a conflict or choice to be made, ask yourself, “What do I hope to accomplish here?” While this card is associated with the sign of Cancer, I’m not going with touchy-feely in terms of suggestions. Go about your business and move indirectly, through the side door, if necessary. Be a leader and stay on task.

Tuesday, Situation – Nine of Pentacles and 6 of Pentacles: You can learn a lot about people’s motivations, character and drives by watching where they put their time and energy. If you want to understand puzzling situations better, study where people spend their extra time, money and energy. Even if that “someone” is you…there’s a light bulb moment to be had in this observation.

Wednesday, Partner – Ace of Pentacles Rx: Uh oh. When I see the Ace of Pentacles inverted paired with partner, I think somebody doesn’t want to put out! Generalizing a bit though, I’m going with partners who are withholding in some way at least a little, be it sex, opinions, help or money. Is it you, and is it conscious? You might want to plan on limited outside support today and counter any tendencies to withhold yourself by making it a point to be supportive of those you care about.

Thursday, Conscious Desires – The Devil, Rx: Speaking of conscious desires, this looks to me like acknowledging a monkey on your back. An addiction, trap or tendency to overindulge has consequences. What are you willing to do to free yourself?

Friday, Question – Five of Pentacles: Do you really lack, is the suffering necessary, or is that just a matter of perspective? Are you desolate, or is there help available? This card paired with “Question” makes me wonder, is what you feel like you’re missing due a state of mind more than circumstance? Because state of mind you can change.

Overview –The Magician: The subjective experience this week is very much within individual control. If you want a pleasant experience, don’t decry frustrations. Talk about contentment instead. If you want something done, take steps to do it. I’m not seeing a lot of control over what other people do, but there is a lot over results nonetheless. It’s a week for keeping a mirror handy.

Affirmation – Spiritual Understanding, Archangel Raziel: "I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths." I was just talking to a friend about a frustration in my personal life, and I told her I believed there was a divine purpose for it. I do. That’s how I’d encourage you to look interpret difficulties this week: as part of a larger picture, even though you may not understand it fully yet. It’s not always easy to do! But if you can see the week’s frustrations are part of a more important picture, and what’s more a picture of yourself and a roadmap for growth and evolution, it’s a lot more palatable. So many things in my own life turned out to be exactly what I needed, although I didn’t know it at the time. I think there’s a lot of that this week. So the more we can ride the train of energy we’ve got and work with it, the further we’ll go.

That’s my theory anywho.

Does this fit with your vibes for the week?

Keep the Mirror Handy! Weekly Tarot Flow, July 14 - 18 2 Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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