01/12/14: More with the Tough Choices / 2 of Swords, Judgment

two of swords and judgment

Have you noticed how prominent the Judgment card seems lately? After I pulled the Two of Swords, I drew a follow-up because really, do we need Tarot to point out what everybody already knows? What I am looking for is something to DO with it!

Yes, there are choices in the air! And not easy, clear-cut choices. They are the kind of choices that stimulate mental conflict. To deal with the situation, we have to stand back, weigh it out (always a good Two of Swords activity anyway), and make our call based on what a detached, balanced weighing of multiple factors involved.

My advice is to start at the end of the maze: what is your end game, goal point, the desired outcome? Work your way backwards from that. That won’t make decisions for you, but it does keep the attention to where you’re going and helps eliminate potential responses that serve no purpose. And that in and of itself is helpful.

Are you facing tough choices?

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