02/17/12: Dual-Edged Sword | 9 of Clouds


“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” Socrates

Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Swords (Mars in Gemini) from the Zodiac Tarot, a deck which focuses exclusively on astrological associations for the cards. As you can see, the difference from the RWS we’re familiar with is rather striking. The Nine of Clouds isn’t nearly as ominous as the angst-ridden woman, waking in the middle of the night.

What is the same is that information is central. For the RWS lady, we’re talking about guilt, hurts, worries that she probably carries quietly and alone. Uncomfortable information. Stabby, cutting (Mars) information (Gemini), perhaps. But definitely, this chick knows something that’s haunting her!

The Zodiac deck’s young man is studying in a library. So he’s also using information, but more as his tool, or maybe a weapon? He’s motivated (Mars) to find the facts (Gemini). He’s working (Mars) gathering information (Gemini). How he uses this, it isn’t clear. Maybe it’s just my bias, but I’m inclined to think Free Will is an important factor.

Know what you know, and more importantly, what you don’t know! Don’t make assumptions based on the always-incorrect premise that others think and feel as you’d expect them to. Fill in informational gaps when it’s helpful and useful in living a better life, in protecting yourself, in adding to your community. But do be aware that nosiness just doesn’t serve well. Use curiosity as impetus to investigate and grow, not as a tool to better manipulate others. It’s a dual-edged sword, man.

What’s your relationship with information seeking?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. As I look at this card I can’t get past wondering why he appears to be resting his head on his hand–but with his arm in the air! That is not resting. Do you think there’s supposed to be some significance to that?

  2. I easily obsess when I’m not feeling happy/confident/strong/whatever. I’ve been waking up feeling this dread in my chest, turning over to go back to sleep and having nightmares – I wonder where the dread is coming from, and when I finally get out of bed, I realize I’ve been missing out on another beautiful day.

    I realize the prickle of irritation I’ve been feeling, is fear, for me. When I’m myself, I’m really easygoing, and don’t jump on people, and it’s when I’m scared that I spiral, and will take things personally. I won’t deliberately hurt someone, and have kept information to myself when I have it. I’ve had it pointed out to me that I’m disgustingly moral – I stress about doing the right thing, and we were rolling with laughter last year, when talking about childhood escapades, and my sister exclaimed, “Didn’t you do *anything?!*” I was a responsible kid. When I screw up – especially if it hurts others – it gnaws at me.

    One thing that has changed about me, is that I’ve been happy to see one guy get his comeuppance. In the past, I would have been calm, knowing it would happen, and then feeling bad for them when it eventually did. He has been so selfish and cruel, that I’m glad to see at least one thing has crumbled for him. I’ve been through things that I didn’t deserve, whilst he only seemed to have more good in his life;m I’m not dancing over it, but it happened just as I was believing that what goes around doesn’t come around – that he was happy, and I was getting piled with things that I hadn’t brought on myself (for the most part -unless it was attitude-related after the lovely big breakdown started). When I’m calm, I can see that in amongst the dirt and the darkness, my good karma has been with me through family and friends – I’ve made more friends than ever, during one of the worst times of my life. I opened up, finally, and found out how many people liked me.

  3. I have Gem Mars natally and when I have an idea or new fascination I tend to obsess for a few days or weeks until I find something new
    Interesting post cuz I woke up crying last night but didn’t know why.. I think since I hold a lot in I’m haunted too

  4. Thanks so much for this comparison, Dixie. Swords are so often associated with trouble that it’s easy to forget that they represent the mental/airy element. Facts, info, learning. All in all, I’ve probably had more “trouble” dealing with cups issues than swords issues, if you get what I mean.

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