03/19/14: Ouch, but a Place to Start / Reversed 3 of Swords

3 of Swords Rx

Another reversed three today, with the “outcome” coming in as the Three of Swords reversed.

Let’s keep this short and (not entirely) sweet: The end game is a partial, although not total, loss. You win some and you lose some applies, but today is the losing some part.

However—and this is a BIG however—if you are feeling like you are losing it all, rethink that, okay? This card is never comfortable, for sure. But seeing it reversed, I’m inclined to say you can find mitigation for the pain. Consolation, some degree of “gift in disguise.”

It feels sort of like finally getting a diagnosis after a protracted mystery illness. You may not like the label, but having that makes it easier, you know? It’s a place to start.

And that’s what we have here: something lost, yes. But also, we know exactly where we stand and without question, we have a place to start.

You feeling this? (Hoping NO…)

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  1. Sigh. There’s going to be a court order entered today in which I lose a big chunk of
    $. But it will be over, and I can’t keep fighting this. BTW I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just dealing with shysters.

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