03/17/14: Out of the Loop / 3 of Cups Rx

3 of Cups

The Three of Cups is a card I’d rather see upright in the topical area of romance, since upright, it tells us of being amongst our people, you know?

I’m reading this as mild uneasiness in the love life department. Feelings of being a bit of an outsider, an ever-so-slight-hard-to-put-the-finger-on kind of disconnect. Maybe you don’t feel like you fit in with the friends, or feel a bit left out due inside jokes. Nothing big, nothing tangibly awful, just feeling a bit “off’ for want of a more descriptive word.

It’s okay. You can be an individual in a group. You are good enough, being you! You connect with people based on who YOU are. If that doesn’t impress, it’s not anybody you’d want to impress. And the sensation could just as well be more about you than anyone else.

Nobody always feels like they are with “their people.” So let it be. And don’t over-imbibe. They’re drinking on this card and I’m thiking that is a potential to lose touch with your sensibilities. Moderation, okay?

You feel “out of the loop” in romance?

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  1. This is actually what caused a problem yesterday – a big one. I was feeling more Five of Pentacles than I have in a while, and even though I know that my Dad loves me, and I could see that he was pained that we were arguing, there were others in the argument who just put all of the blame on me (as usual). I found out today, that he was standing up for me when I was off by myself, not really wanting to exist anymore – back in the hole.

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