01/25/12: From the Heart | Page of Cups


“Go to you bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.” William Shakespeare

When I’m struggling, bothered or uncertain, I’ve found a pretty simple way to decide how to behave, including or how to deal with others who may not be acting in a way I like: I do only what I can feel good about doing, and pull back from what I cannot. Yes, that’s simplistic, but it really does work wonders. It discovered that approach through the world’s ugliest custody battle and I’ve used it for difficult situations ever since.

The Page of Cups (Earth in Air) only knows one way to live—from the heart. Pure and simple. When I remember that, I seldom go astray. Complications arise when you try to “manage” outside yourself, be it the environment, another person, outcomes, long-range direction, whatever. Wondering and worrying and trying to manipulate the details never has gotten me very far.

But the simple question, “What can I feel good about?” is huge! Not what I feel good about in terms of anybody else or an outcome I don’t directly control. I have full rights over my own involvement. This page reminds me as long as I keep my actions in line with a pure heart and good intent, I’ve done the very best I can do.

I think it works because it forces you to focus on what really matters, using that as the point of reference. What I feel good about contributing to IS very much my business, while any other ick is not. It doesn’t always guarantee I’ll be happy over an outcome for sure. But it does promise me I can sleep at night.

Do you live from the heart?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. Yes, I do.

  2. “as long as I keep my actions in line with a pure heart and good intent, I’ve done the very best I can do.”

    It so happens that my personal mantra is:

    “Love, and be my best.”


    So I hear this one loud and clear, and… very easily!

  3. Awww I read this exactly at the time I needed it. Beautiful. Thank You

  4. Yes, I do feel I live from my heart and I have come to the same conclusions as you. It has made my life as a Mercurian a bit better, I’d say!

  5. How did Shakespeare come up with all that gorgeous writing?! I could use that one line as a mantra for life.

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