09/30/11: Consistent Focus | Page of Pentacles

page-of-pentaclesCancerMom asked me yesterday about how to take that advice on finding our perspective, mentioning she’d be looking for the answer today. I joked about having performance anxiety, not sure exactly what we’d end up with. Oddly enough, I think this is something she can work with here…

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Page of Pentacles or “Princess of the Echoing Hills,” associated with Earth in Earth. Tarot Pentacles are representative of physical concerns and Tarot Pages are youthful, new energy. It’s not the well-worn road you’re used to, but a new path being forged here. The Page of Pentacles is a very hard worker, you know. Down to earth and conscientious, this page can be relied upon. More than anything, this page oozes consistency.

You keep your focus on what you want in your life by LIVING it. You feed what you want to grow, starve what you don’t. Having diligently undertaken your internal work, the old is not so tightly attached. This frees up your energy to be applied elsewhere. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem smooth sailing, all the time. Nothing ever is. It’s where you’re putting in your energy consistently that matters here. Blips are merely blips, not immortal beasts.

Do you know where to focus your energy now?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. awesome, Dixie! hit the nail right on the head here for me today. i have been focusing on living more down to earth and less ethereally, as i’m naturally inclined.
    i would resist it so much, thinking that if i started being a consistent, organized worker-bee, i would lose my ability to connect to my spiritual and philosophical inner self, and i would “lose myself”. yep, double pisces here.
    completely the opposite. the consistency and order of my daily life routines has brought me a peace that deepens my spirituality and has opened more doors for me to express it.

  2. Great advice, Dixie,

    And under the gun too! LOL! I really like this advice – I keep getting it for myself. Buckle down. Start doing what you love, even if it’s in tiny bites. I’m SUCH a Libra – when something looks too big, I don’t do it. I have to remember to commit to doing just a little. And usually, that “little” turns out to be a lot, because I can see the progress.
    So! It’s time to put down the trashy novels (fantasy), and pick up the guitar and PRACTICE. (Reality!) I can’t get my music out there if I haven’t played in months.

    • I really believe the joy in creation, the emotion and love you feel when you do your creative work, is what keys in for others and gives it punch. It’s the energy in it.

      What I mean is, “Go, Kim, go!!”

  3. “You keep your focus on what you want in your life by LIVING it. You feed what you want to grow, starve what you don’t.”

    THAT’S WHAT I NEEDED! I pay no attention to what I’m continuing to let go of & invest my energy into that which needs to grow. Ignore the blips & don’t give them too much credit (I’ve done this recently) & continue to move along MY PATH!


  4. you should be getting DOUBLE Tarot Score lately Dix. Wow..lol
    :rainbow: :rainbow:

  5. Blips are merely blips, not immortal beasts.

    Love it! Thanks, Dixie!

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