06/06/13: Baby Makes 3 / Page Pentacles, 2 Cups, Temperance


2_of_CupsTarot_14_TemperancePage_of_PentaclesAh, what a great combination of images. The Two of Cups show us a meeting of the hearts, emphasized by Temperance’s rainbow underneath. Compromise, a blending of energies show a balanced, integrated relationship. And that Page of Pentacles is kind of like “baby makes three.”

If you honestly connect on a heart/emotional level and look to contribute the best of what each party has to the whole, you can manifest the fruits of this connection in the real world. Look for tangible confirmation of a balanced blending of energy to arrive in terms of a new birth of some kind or another. Maybe it’s a baby-baby, or a company or a partnership or a friendship. It could even be an internal process where two of your passions blend to create a new job for you! Doesn’t matter what, something new is born out of two sources of love.

You making a “baby?”

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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