07/11/12: What do you have? | Page Wands, 5 Pentacles

I’m in love with my Sacred Garden this year. Despite the heat, I’ve managed to grow a lot of beautiful flowers. It’s like a little green retreat in the middle of the world.

I could be bothered about the seeds I’d planted that haven’t come up. It was a bit of a disappointment when I so looked forward to seeing particular plants. But when I start to feel sad, I remind myself of what I do have. What does it really matter when I have so much to appreciate anyway?


We’ve got a choice. We can live basking in the magic of what our lives ARE, or we can look with despair over everything our lives are not. Yes, I know sometimes what we’ve got or what we do not is the source of difficulty. It restricts. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t good reason we are locked in to where we are, a higher purpose. Us knowing or not is irrelevant.

Live as much in the joy as possible. Takes faith, Grasshopper, and gratitude. But that approach generates magic.

Do you tend to focus on what you have, or what you don’t?

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  1. CancerMom says

    OK OK I HEAR YOU MASTER!! This grasshopper needs to remember to be more GRATEFUL & have more FAITH.

    I am grateful I am blessed & protected, always have been (thanks for the reminder) and I need to remember to listen to my spirit guides (birds) to help me on my path. GEESH they’ve been talking alot.

    Focus on what I/ME/MYSELF has not what might or might not happen. Don’t worry about the what if’s or maybes – only the here and now.

    Thanks for the freaking mirror – :-*
    Love you my pink haired tarot ninja

  2. I am definitely working on focusing on being in the present, what is here in front of me, instead of woulda, shoulda, and couldas… lol or all they myriad scenarios that my mind wants to cook up. It’s so much easier, and less stressful. Ahhhh.
    I’m not 100% there yet… but I’ve certainly improved over the past 2 years.

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