07/31/13: Seriously? / Page of Wands


Man, I never have liked this version of the Page of Wands, aka “Playfulness” in the Osho Zen. Number one, clowns are CREEPY. Number two, this sheer clown-suit barely covers her naked self and I’m sorry, but clowns are way NOT sexy. (See #1.)  But somehow, this card comes up very frequently for me in this deck anyway. Maybe I should take that as a hint.

But enough kibitzing. Let’s stick with the point.

It’s the spark of fun, the everlasting NOT-so-serious, that gives our art and work and life magic force. Recreation is creative. Laughter is healing. Don’t underestimate the magical and transformative power of playfulness.

So always do your best to laugh—at yourself, at your problems, at your faults, and at your life. Remain humble and accept your trek for what it is: a grand adventure with sometimes epic silliness and mishap! See the humor. If you’re not happy at the moment, actively seek the absurdity, the silliness, the goofiness inherent in all situations to free up creative energy and move forward.

Can you find ways to use playfulness to serve you?

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