12/08/12: Time out for time off!| Page of Wands

Do you get stressed out, wrapped up in what you need to do, what you MUST do, in order to keep going, so much that you forget to spend any time just enjoying your life?

I was doing some quickie Chakra check-ins for a group the other day, much like what I did in the charka reading videos. The second charka kept showing up.

I’ve come to realize that when I notice a card reappearing in readings, or a message that repeats in short period of time, it’s for me as much as it is for the recipient.

Yeah, this chick is showing up for me. I get the message, even though I’m not a big fan of clowns in real life. I could use some of the magic sparkle. I really could.

Make time for fun. Not only can you afford the time off work for some self-care, you NEED it. It impacts the quality of your vibration, and hence your life.

Do you remember to play? Are you overdue for some?

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  1. Neptune just moved into Pisces. Let’s go to the beach.

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