11/21/13: Allure of the Contact Buzz / Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Damn, we’ve gotten a lot of watery cards here lately. Haven’t we? Or is it just me? The Princess of Cups (aka Page of Cups) is slosh. Today I’m thinking feeling leakage. Like somebody gets their emotions all over you, or maybe you get yours all over somebody else. Hey, it happens.

I would say today, spend what you can either off to yourself or do your best to be near people with whom you have a solid history. It’s good to have some credit built up between folks when things get messy, you know? I’m thinking safety and comfort comes strongest in the form of family, be it blood or freely chosen bonds.

I will add, however, that regardless of what leaks where, the antidote is always the same: compassion. However for you sloshy folks, let me reiterate an important distinction: compassion does not equal compulsion. You can feel for a person and still completely detach from their issues. You dig?

This is hard. I’m a parent, I know! See a problem, solve the problem. Except we have no business doing this if it’s not our problem.

In other words, you can not judge the morality of an addict, genuinely feel for their pain and—here’s the important part—NOT absorb it as your own and not try to solve it.

Sometimes not doing is the kindest act of all, because it’s saying, “I have faith in your ability to solve your own problems.” Don’t get mired in a contact buzz.

You feeling this?!

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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  1. I can relate to the parenting thing. It is so hard sometimes to step back and let your children solve their own problems or make their own mistakes

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