02/12/13: Feely Faith / Princess of Cups

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Maybe those feelings are a bit…confusing. New, under-developed. Maybe you’re unsure or uncertain. This is the Princess, after all, aka the Page of Cups. She’s so full of water that she’s blue!

Or maybe she’s holding her breath, waiting for it all to pass.

That’s okay.

Feel it, whatever’s got you in it’s grip. Let the tide come in, knowing for a fact that every time it does roll in, it just as surely will roll back out. Let all those feelings wash over you, move through you, without holding on.

Even if it doesn’t FEEL right, right now. Believe that you don’t have to fight or figure it out in the moment. Know that it becomes clear, once the tide washes back out.

That, my friends, is the definition of faith. It’s worth the work of developing, if only for your peace of mind.

You have “Feely Faith”?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

Sort out feelings in a session with Dixie.


  1. For some reason, this emotion hit me today. Telling myself to not cry while getting my kid ready for school, and imagining every worst case scenario.

    Baluga, good advice!!! Surrender, work with what is, whatever will be will be, and then work with whatever arrives next.

    Step by step instructions for me. Ok, then to the rock store.

  2. Thanks Josi! I have hematite! Good idea! Good time to WEAR it!!!

  3. Afterthought… I think I might have a better chance with the concept of ‘surrender’ instead… Work with ‘what is’.

    And ‘what will be will be’… so, when it arrives, work with ~that~, whatever it is.

    There is no point pushing water. I need to stop pushing water.

    • I think you may be onto something Bal. Also, I agree with Dixie on Saturn. It’s solid..use it to float on. And I have to toot my grounding horn..TOOT TOOOT! Very important with all these water transits and tide coming in and stuff.
      Hematite. He-Ma-Tite! LOL

  4. BTW, Saturn is about to go retrograde over my Neptune… so I get to have a second pass at having a good, solid, disciplined look at my dreams (‘good’ Neptune) and delusions (‘bad’ Neptune). Take responsibility for working on my dreams and dismantling my delusions.

  5. “…faith. It’s worth the work of developing, if only for your peace of mind.”

    I don’t know if I will ever be able to reach a point of having faith. I want to. And I sure want that peace of mind that, you’re right, it would bring. Sometimes I try to “pretend” I have faith… you know: act as if… fake it till you make it… but who am I kidding? It of course doesn’t work…

    I am open to suggestions (from anybody reading this) on how to develop that darned faith!

  6. Oh crap, now my eyes are welling with tears! Pisces moon, Princess of Cups, and my own heartbreak! BUT! Laughing (sortov) through those tears!

    Love your words, Dix!

    And: love you! ::heart::

  7. YES!

  8. And, so enters Moon in Pisces.

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