Queen of Cups: Mind Your Own (Emotional) Business

I’ve made much more of a practice recently, of looking to mind my own business. And it’s tougher than I initially would have imagined.

I have no issue keeping my mouth shut–much to the surprise of those subjected to my mouth. Har! They have NO IDEA how much commentary flits through my brain that somehow doesn’t escape the hole in the front of my face.

Mars in Scorpio can keep a mouth shut.

But the emotional end–not becoming directly invested in what other people say or do or feel, themselves? That’s much, much tricker. We equate caring with winning others over to our conclusions, “fixing” something. But caring is not the same as asserting your own belief upon someone else, no matter how much you think your belief will serve in the situation.

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The drive to help, wanted or not, or the drive to correct or clarify or fix what’s going on in someone else’s world can be strong. Even that habit most of us have, of dividing life into piles of good and bad–and often, campaigning for others to accept our definitions? This all is minding the world’s emotional business, usually to the exclusion of our own emotional business.

And I’m not saying it’s wrong, if you decide to do this. (See what I did there? I’m staying out of it!)

I’m saying I’ve decided, for me, that I’m much happier if I’m not trying to recruit the rest of the world to be me. One me is plenty.

I’m much happier, trusting the people I care about to have the resources they need to figure out their own lives. (They do.)

I’m much happier, focusing on my own emotional state and remaining as healthy and stable and happy as possible.

This is a big world, you know? There are plenty of things you could focus on. If you’re fearful or angry or upset, you can find lots and lots in this big world to not only justify those feelings, but grow them exponentially.

There is also plenty in this world that is beautiful and encouraging and uplifting. And you can find lots and lots of that to focus on, to grow those feelings.

The choice is yours. As for me? I’m looking to mind my own business and keep my own focus on what helps me stay happy, in the flow and connected. Because that’s the most important thing ever, to me.

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dixie from a fool’s journey dot com. I’m here with a thought for the energy of the moment. So hang on. Let’s see what we get.

Okay. Queen of Cups! Queen of Cups.

Really, really a good time to go with the flow. Now, that’s easier sometimes than we give, we give credit for. Because…this is a theme I’ve been on lately, I’m sorry. But basically, we try to manipulate the rest of the world.

Rather than trying to fix other people, just live yourself. Okay? Just live yourself! Just do you.

Just look to stay in the flow. Just prioritize how you feel and particularly your sense of connection. So that when you get those subtle little bumps here and there to try this or to do that, that you’re ready.

This can be a very comfortable week. Or a very emotional, kind of upsetting week. Really depends on you and how you direct your focus and thoughts as far as what it’s gonna be like.

So I would really suggest that you mind your own damn business. Okay? And that you stay focused on being in the flow, being connected, doing your own emotional state. Finding as optimistic and as positive an approach or perspective as you are capable of. And things will go better for you.

Okay? So that’s the snapshot of the moment. I hope it’s helpful to you. I hope you have an awesome week! Take care, peace out from the Goddess. Ommmmmmmm. Bye bye.

How are the things most important to YOU going? 

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