11/30/12: Reign in the Tears | Queen of Cups rev


I don’t do it too often thank God, and 99% of the time, Captain Virgo is the only witness. He’s a damned understanding witness. But I’m an emotional creature, full of those inexplicable feeeeeeeeellllings. And sometimes, those emotional tides get the better of me. I’ve been known upon occasion to become utterly incoherent in the wake. It could be over something big or something tiny, showing up at just the right time to seed the perfect storm. But yes, that’s the downside to being all intuitive and plugged in and whatnot. Feelings, feelings, feelings!

The Queen of Pentacles shows up inverted today—don’t get carried away with the emotions! They could well knock you off your throne, eh?

You don’t have to deny the emotions. Just don’t inflict them on the world at large. Cry, sleep, journal, paint, cook, clean, stomp, run, meditate…do whatever it is you do to get yourself back right side up. Then interact with the rest of humanity. That’s do-able, huh?

Point taken, Tarot.

Are you (over) emotional?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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