12/16/12: Using all the Archetypes | Queen of Wands

queen of wands meaningUsually we think of the Queen of Pentacles as the lady of caretaking. But the New Vision Tarot shows us a kinder spin on this card, even though the lady behind the throne seems to be more dimensions of the Queen herself.

I don’t know the artist’s intention here—told you, I threw out the Little White book! But in context of the feminine archetype of the maiden, mother and crone, we can find all three here as aspects of the Queen herself. The maiden is unsure, inquisitive but tentative. The mother is the Queen sitting on the throne, doing what needs to be done. And the crone is comforting the maiden, armed with the fruits of her experience. So while I often use keywords like “determined” or even “stubborn” to characterize this queen, here I’m moved to add “pensive” and “wise” to the lineup.

We all have different people inside us (and I ain’t talking Dissociative Identity Disorder, man). Maybe, just maybe, the trick is calling up the aspects of our inner power that are needed at any given time.

To be this Queen, dig down and connect with your fire, your passion and your resolve. Know that the stakes are high, but just as much that you have what it takes to get there. Let your inner wisdom and the lessons you’ve gathered up in your basket comfort that little girl (or boy) inside you who worries and is unsure while, to the rest of the world, you carry on with your game face, strong and determined as ever to do what needs to be done, sunny and upright.

So sayth the Queen of Wands.

Can you use some of this energy today? I sure can!

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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