09/21/11: Rest Stop on the Road | Rev Knight of Cups, Rev Six of Cups, Rev Page of Pentacles


Today’s Tarot forecast has got some blocks going on, and how! We got Knight of Cups reversed, Six of Cups reversed, and Page of Pentacles reversed. Ow!  If I’m doing a large spread and have more than 70% of the cards inverted, I’ll often make a mental note of the blocks and then turn the cards upright to interpret. It just allows for a smoother flow that way. But for now, I figure there’s a reason they’re reversed, and we need to find it.

Emotional starts and stops are an issue—mood swing much? A sense of satisfaction hovers elusively, feeling just out of grasp. It’s tiring, the continual reaching and struggling with an “almost but not quite” sensation. Things used to be so much easier…we just “knew” all the right things would come to us at the right time. “How” was not relevant then. But trust wears thin, beaten down like grass on a heavily traveled path. Eventually, the new blades quit shooting up and we’re left feeling lost and drained.

The void is there. Dreams we used to have no longer fit.  And they haven’t yet been completely replaced with newer, shinier dreams. The inverted Page of Pentacles tells us we’ve lost focus on our goals. Goals? What’s that? Many of us live day-to-day, just trying to make sure the car is running and the laundry done. And that’s okay. But meeting basic survival needs only takes you so far, in terms of feeling like your soul is being fed, you know? The joy, the passion and the sense of purpose is where the emotional fulfillment happens.

Before anything new can come to us, we have to first survive the void. It’s fundamental to transformation, allow that space. Letting go of the old, the broken, even the immensely unsatisfying bits in our lives is still painful. There’s comfort in familiarity, and a strong drive to follow well-worn paths, even if we find the scenery lacking. But allowing the void is absolutely unavoidable (Haha!) if you want new energy in your life. It cannot manifest freely any other way.

Become quiet, let that emotional space be empty, and see what it occurs to invite in. This isn’t a “clear a hole in your schedule and watch it fill up with minutia” kind of void. It’s openness to find what gives you a sense of really living, fully and in joy. Ask for this, open yourself to it, and allow yourself the opportunity to find your bearings again. It’s sad to feel without, but the ultimate outcome from allowing the growth is worth the discomfort of the re-orienting period.

Are you feeling this?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. I feel like you’re speaking to me. I, too, have lost half my four-legged family this year: four cats in exactly one month (August 20th – September 20th, when we had the last and eldest one of 18 1/2 years, put to sleep), and my dog Bert, on January 19th of this year, and the fifth cat Summer of 2010. I also lost my grandmother in 2010, and my cousin last month, just before all of the cats. My aunt lost her mother and her daughter in the space of a year of each other. My family has been hit *hard* and we’ve all been hit in separate, but additional ways, as everyone has been.

    Sometimes I feel no more trust – I’ve felt that I’m just done, several times in the past year, and I’m not home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_htmlless, or without my immediate family, so maybe I’m just not as strong as I used to be. Other times, I feel perfectly normal, and a glimmer of that hope.

  2. I’ve definitely felt the void today and it’s kind of weird. Limbo-ish.

  3. Thanks Dixe

  4. Unfortunately, the cards couldn’t be more right on than that for me today. The vet comes in an hour to put Sebastian down–in a year and a half, I’ve lost half of my four legged family. The friend who assured me financial assistance, has not answered the email that I sent 3 days ago telling him that finally I would be willing to accept that assistance. I hate asking for help, it took me months of things going downhill before I was able to ask, and about 2 hours to compose the email, and now, nothing. The last of my government assistance got pulled because I made $176 too little on my last attempt at employment. I’m trying to learn a new skill, bookkeeping, but it will be at least 9 months before I can truly apply that and look for jobs in that area. Trying so hard to just accept, but honestly, trust is truly lacking right now.

  5. This is amazing following yesterdays cards “The lessons from repeating lessons”.

    I’ve been working on cleaning out the “VOID” space so yesterday morning I deleted some things on my computer, too much energy attached by looking at these sites-no it’s not porn. This doesn’t help empty the space. However, late last night I was looking at my phone & the sites are still there so I looked at some of them.

    Today it’s as if your Tarot smacked me upside the head for not continuing to purge & clean the space!

    “It’s sad to feel without, but the ultimate outcome from allowing the growth is worth the discomfort of the re-orienting period.” Actually it’s not as sad or uncomfortable as I thought it would be. After reading this I deleted the sites off my phone as well.

    Thanks again Dixie for your wise words (((D))) :yes:

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