07/18/13: Distracted Reunion / rev 10 of Cups


“I hear you thinking,” I’ll tell my husband. “It’s loud.”

“Sorry,” he says.

Not that I care. He is very Virgo and cannot help sometimes thinking loud. More often than not, he’s off on some tangent or another that has captured his curiosity. Maybe he’s riled or maybe not. But I know, just by being in proximity. I can hear his mind whir even in the dark.

Unfortunately, he’s picked up the ability to hear me thinking as well, damnit! I’d just as soon keep it to myself. But Hell, what are you gonna do? We’ve been married just short of forever. It happens.

That feeling reminds me of the reversed Ten of Cups. Not because it’s an upsetting feeling; it’s usually not. Nor is the reversed Ten of Cups. Although there can be exceptions, I generally don’t get a card at all if its essential energy is not present, upright or reversed. And the essential energy of the Ten of Cups is that of love, like a happy family enjoying one another’s company on a sunny day.

However, inverted, that emotional presence isn’t fully expressed. Upright, you can see the couple is fully in the moment, not mentally or emotionally distracted. There’s no equivocation.

Inverted, consider it a notice that you (or others) may not be fully present in emotional interactions. This may be more prominent with family, either biological or chosen family. Think distractions amongst your inner circle. Maybe it’s you? Not that this is a bad thing or a good thing. It’s most assuredly not a personal thing. Just know it could be a relevant thing.

You sensing distraction amongst your inner circle?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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