05/28/13: Careful with Compromise / Rx 6 Pentacles

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” –Janis Joplin


The Six of Pentacles (here, Rainbows) typically speaks to trust. You cannot compromise with people whom you don’t trust, at least not very effectively. There is something lacking in coming to the table here…

“All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.” –Mahatma Gandhi

“A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.” –George Herbert

“Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another – too often ending in the loss of both.” –Tryon Edwards

Here’s the trick with compromise: KNOW exactly what you’re giving up and what you’re getting in exchange for it. It then becomes a purchase and more easily evaluated. It looks like negotiations are not earnest or smooth flowing today, so bear that in mind while in the midst.

Are you trying to work out a compromise?

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