06/14/13: Timelines / rev 7 Pentacles


The Seven of Pentacles is about investing in long-term results. Here, a woman plants a small cedar tree. That sapling will take a lot of attention and care before it matures. It’s not like she’s going to be lounging in it’s shade within the next few weeks or even months. But it’s still going to require varying degrees of attention throughout the process. The love that goes into her efforts now pay off magnified as long as she continues to provide what’s required.

Inverted, there’s a sense of impatience about this energy.

WHEN? When is it going to happen? When, when, when?!?

Often, that’s a damn hard question to answer, as many of my Tarot people can tell you. I don’t see “when” so much as an absolute as often as I see it as a coming together of the right circumstances. The right weather and nourishment determines how fast the tree goes, not arbitrary distinctions on a calendar.

So too goes the rest of life. Instead of getting impatient asking “when,” how about putting in some care for those trees you’d like to grow? That’s probably going to give you better results.

You feeling impatient?

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  1. “WHEN? When is it going to happen? When, when, when?!?”

    Haha, that is always my question!!!

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