02/20/13: Mistaken Perspective / Rev 9 of Swords


Eh. I usually prefer to read the Osho Zen upright, but with the equivalent of the Nine of Swords aka “Sorrow” showing up, I’m making an exception.

Feeling isolation? Self-imposed. Losses may well be real, but the extreme suffering is optional. The sense of aloneness is bigger at night. Guilt and fears play a large role in suffering. So know, you do have a choice here.

Change how you think about problems and it will change how you feel about problems. No, you cannot fly backwards and turn back time but you can assess realistically and deal with what you’ve got now. Look for non-judgmental counsel to help you formulate a plan of action.

And no kicking yourself over mistakes. We’re imperfect. We screw up. Making mistakes is not something to feel shame over. Every mistake, every misstep? Each is an opportunity to grow. In that sense, each is a gift. (Yes, I know there are times I’d like to be a little less “gifted.” Ha!)

Here’s the thing: of ALL the mistakes a person can make, hiding from those lessons buried within is the biggest. So learn the lesson attached and the problem disappears. Otherwise,the damn thing will keep showing up in different outfits. And nobody wants that.

How do you handle mistakes?

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  1. So much speaks to me in this one, I don’t know where to start responding. But thanks! Lots for me to chew on! xo

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