07/12/13: Critical Review / Ace Swords Rx


Alrighty. So a reversed Ace of Swords points to an idea, a concept, a plan—but as an Ace, it’s just in fledgling form and since the card is reversed, there is some sort of interference with it’s development

Could be a hole in the logic. Could be factors not under consideration. Could be emotional blocks to implementation. Could be based on inaccurate assumptions or old news. Could just be the thing needs to be better fleshed out to be workable.

This isn’t so surprising to see as we’re still in Mercury retrograde. Nor is it necessarily bad news, either the problems with planning or the retrograde period!

Think of it like a teacher suggesting additional review before handing in a paper. This is an opportunity to improve outcomes though ferreting out weak spots in your reasoning and correcting them. No better time than now!

Do you have some plans that could stand critical review?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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