05/08/13: Rationality and Suppressed Emotion / rev King Swords


The King of Swords, at his best, arrives at conclusions that are fair, rational and unarguable. His decisions may not be universally adored, but he makes the most he can from what he has to work with…He is balanced and takes everything—or at least, every FACT, into account.

Inverted though, there is likely a flaw in his reasoning.

It could be anything, but one issue he’s particularly susceptible to is detaching from his own feelings, instead seeing just what he finds acceptable. Hurt feelings, anger, jealousy, or other emotive sloppiness doesn’t have a place in his approved emotional lexicon. He’s okay with a little satisfaction now and again, at a plan well-executed. But if it’s not entirely rational and twice removed from his core identity, he has trouble owning it. He gets a rap for being cold, and it’s one he’ll accept gracefully enough if it “gets the job done.”

But putting aside feelings and not having any of them are two entirely different questions.

Know and acknowledge not only your thoughts about the “facts” such that they are, but also FEELINGS on them. You can act on those feelings or not, but an awareness will keep them from driving your behavior unconsciously—and that would upset this King very much. You don’t have to be the King of Cups to have feelings, you know.

Are you in touch with your feelings on important decision right now?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. TracIE says:

    WOW!! I know you write these ahead of time and it’s amazing just how right on you are with what’s going on in our life.

    “His decisions may not be universally adored, but he makes the most he can from what he has to work with”. This is hubby exactly! He is doing this but some of what he’ll “accept” to work with is due to old issues.

    Great stuff woman

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