06/12/12: Feeling the love? | rev 2 of Cups, rev Page of Wands

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Man! Partnerships are really getting a beating in the Everyday Tarot lately…maybe it’s Venus Rx, showing us the history and shadow and backwards part of pairings? I don’t know.

If the love’s not all the way there, neither will the results come out as if it were. Don’t miss the message because you don’t want to here it, or because it doesn’t reflect the perfect balance you’d like to see.

You know what’s off. So don’t ignore it.

Are you finding yourself questioning the love?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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  1. CancerMom says

    “You know what’s off. So don’t ignore it”. WOW it never ceases to amaze me at the cards you pull, as if they’re just for me, especially after my weird dream last night. I heard “you know what’s really going on” and I was being ssshed, like don’t tell-hmmmm interesting.

    While drinking my coffee this morning I found something from Sunday’s paper I didn’t read. One article was a discussion who should play Judy Garland in a biopic and the picture was her as Dorothy & Toto. More Wizard of Oz woo-woo so I’m assuming another message from the universe.

  2. Oh, I know what’s off alright.
    I’m not questioning the love. But, I’m trying really hard to transcend the part of life where love exists but in a world with humans. And, it’s pretty much a given that ain’t perfect all the time.

    K, I get it. Can we move on to something better now? LOL

    :monkey: :monkey2:

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