02/19/12: Bad News, Good News? | Judgment

judgment-new-visions-tarotTime and again, I’ve seen “worst-case scenarios” play out to be tremendous blessings in ugly wrapping paper, long haul. The problem is seeing the upsides. Sometimes, it can take years.  Sometimes not. But either way, without full knowledge of individual life paths or what someone will do with their experiences, who’s to say what’s bad?

Today’s Tarot is Judgment reversed (Pluto) from the New Visions Tarot, which takes the RWS image as base but imagines it from the other side. I commonly see this card as heralding karma rebounds—judgment day is coming!—or admonition to take full responsibility for yourself, but no less or more. Inverted, I may see a suggestion to suspend judgment, expect a delay in judgment, or as indication responsibility hasn’t been fairly attributed.

What looks so bad right now in your scope of vision? Maybe so. But maybe not. Omnipotence notwithstanding, how is it for us to say?

You ever had bad news that you later realized was good news?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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