03/06/13: Cycle of Charity / 6 of Pentacles rev


6_of_PentaclesThe Six of Pentacles is can be a great card to see, but it always depends on the context. It highlights the those who have versus and those without. Inverted, I’ve seen it to show up to speak of jealousy or lack of charity.  Giving begrudgingly, perhaps? There is a hesitation here, a worry of not getting one’s due somehow.

Associated with the Moon in Taurus, we can definitely feel that fixed, solid Venus energy at work. Funny thing, how money and love both flow (or don’t) together. So do be aware in considering this card, it can be talking money but it may well be more emotional than financial.

The Shadowscapes version has it’s own spin. Here, the piper has already reached his summit and is playing his pipe (or whatever that thing is), simply sharing the music he’s making. That music is transformed into pentacles falling down, spurring growth beneath him without his  awareness—a beautiful growth that is ultimately reinforcing his own position. There’s an emphasis on the cycle of giving, and how it builds up all parties associated with it.

Don’t hesitate being charitable (financially or emotionally) over concern about wasting your efforts. Share freely of what you have in excess and you’ll be supported in the process. And if you’re the one receiving the charity? Do your best to make good use of it and grow from it. That ends up rewarding those being generous with you.

Reversed, this card reminds us we don’t need to keep score. The universe does that for us. Just do your best to live right and let Universal law iron out the details.

Are you feeling charitable?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Beautiful version of this card Reversed, it looks like the horn blower is spreading joy (by playing music) and by doing so the blessings are raining back down on him

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