05/11/13: Self-Doubt Bravado / rev 2 Pentacles


Sometimes a defensively uttered “I got it!” means “Don’t question my ability to manage because I’m not so sure myself.” It’s the same as when the question “Are you alright?” leads to a firm yes followed by a barrage of tears.

That’s what I’m seeing in the reversed Two of Pentacles today: a ginormous heaping of self-doubt.

I’m also inclined to think the coin-juggler can manage, but with caveats. Time off, self-care, setting appropriate boundaries, and solid choices about which coins to juggle and how long he might be juggling them would all be some pretty strategies for this jester. That sea of emotional turbulence behind him belies his apparent singular focus. He IS feeling the stress, even if he “doesn’t have time for it.”

If you are the juggler and you don’t want to drop any of those coins, put some structure into that ride. If you see a juggler and they are yelling at you, “I’ve got it!” take that with a grain of salt and look to offer a little support anyway, even if it’s only emotional. Hell, emotional support may be the most useful gift now anyway.

Are you feeling the juggle?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. Yes and I know who’s juggling

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