04/11/12: Business to Finish? | Rev Ace Wands, 7 Pentacles


The reversed Ace of Wands (root of Fire) plus the Seven of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus) would suggest holding off on new plans to let your old ones mature. In other words, Tarot says, ” FINISH SOMETHING, DIXIE!”

Er, ah, did I say that out loud? Gemini moon gets distracted.

Ideas are fun. That creative spark is exciting! The bustle of a new project is energizing and invigorating. Over time, the new wears down and other creative urges may vie for attention. The possibilities woo us with their shine! But what separates the also-rans from bountiful harvesters is follow-through.

Patience. Steady, ongoing love. It’s not all dramatic. It’s just consistent. Showing up, day in and out…that’s how you have something to reap.

Do you have business to finish? What stops you?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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  1. Working through the boring phases can be rough. Maybe just resting on the hoe and daydreaming a little helps with that. Otherwise, it can sometimes feel like watching grass grow

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