05/05/12: Why Me? | 6 Cups 5 Pent


“Why me?”

When something really sucks, this is what we ask ourselves. Why me?

Today’s Tarot is the Six of Cups/Water (Sun in Scorpio) and the Five of Pentacles/Rainbows (Mercury in Taurus) from the decidedly non-traditional Osho Zen. While the Six of Cups often speaks to trust issues, this version seems to suggest fantasy above straight nostalgia. But this Five of Pentacles certainly does evoke a sense of lack, albeit lack of being included.

You may imagine darned near everyone else on the planet does not have the same worries or stresses as you. It may look like almost everyone is more successful, thinner (with less work), happier, has it easier, or somehow just “gets it” in a way you don’t. But as a Tarot reader I can tell you for a fact, you cannot see what someone deals with from external appearances.

More importantly, though, even if you know, you sure cannot see how those particular lessons will change their lives.

Y’all know, I am a total harp about making lemonade out of those lemons. It’s not that I love lemonade so much. I am just unwilling to go sour with no benefit, you know?

Losing my family relationships? I learned about love, spirituality and the price of seeking your own path. Losing custody? I learned about hatred, rage, the system, surrender and forgiveness. I could go on, but suffice it to say I cannot think of a SINGLE painful incident that did not leave me with deep, irreplaceable lessons. I’m convinced you will always get some from any crisis, although the decision to “get it” as big as possible enhances the learning factor greatly.

This keeps you from becoming bitter, building on the knowledge you’ve gotten from perseverance. It keeps the pain from being a waste. So make a note—I’m hoping you won’t need to remember it anytime soon.

Have you found valuable lessons in pain?

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