October 28

10/28/11: Six of Wands, Strength | Recognition


Sometimes, I forget how long and how hard I’ve worked at mastery, learning and becoming competent in the fields I’ve undertaken. Being all Virgo and Saturny, I tend to feel like it’s never, ever enough. I’ve been getting pings otherwise, though. That’s heartening. Today’s Tarot is a ping for me. Maybe a ping for you, too?


Today’s Tarot is the Six of Wands (Jupiter in Leo) and Strength (Leo). Guess it’s time to turn up the lights and start the show, huh? Leo says so, because you’re starring! Expect public recognition stemming from your ongoing efforts at exercising  personal strength.

When you scrub and scrub and scrub, yes, that shine is noticeable to one and all. You may have gotten accustomed already. You may have trained yourself to see the tiny dull spot on the floor, zero in on what is less than perfect. But big picture, it pales next to the shine you’ve invoked via elbow grease. You HAVE done the work, so acknowledge it.

Keep on, okay? And when someone expresses their admiration for your work, don’t argue with them, okay? Humility is laudable, but modesty doesn’t need to be extended to reject all accolades. It serves everyone when you learn to accept a compliment. The graceful response is, “Thank you.”

Are you getting recognition for your hard work?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. lol … my husband actually paused before going to work to see if your card was up after my phone pinged to let me know I’d received Catherine’s card from Tarot Elements. Her “receiving abundance-be grateful” and your “receiving recognition-be grateful” message amused him greatly, but sent him off to work in a good mood. So thank you for that!

    He’s been very moody this week about his company filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, even though so far they seem to be making good on their word of paying everybody their wages thanks to post-bankruptcy financing. A good send-off this morning was definitely appreciated.

  2. I needed to see this today Dixie. Often I am like you. It’s never enough and I give myself no recognition. I was endlessly questioning myself in regard to an unexpected situation last night and it was as if I was gently speaking to someone else (which isn’t the typical way I speak to myself) saying, yes you are working hard at this with good intention–that is the best you can do. Scrubbing and scrubbing as you say up there. So these words validate my own permission to say, “Yes, you are doing a good job here..there is no need for self-doubt”
    Thank you

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