01/08/14: Ground Zero for Living / King of Wands

King WandsEvidently, Tarot stutters. Today’s draw is “The Source,” Osho Zen’s version of the King of Wands. It’s nice they are from different decks, anyway. It gives us the opportunity to look at different representations of the same vibe.

What is “the source” for you? Is it the heart, the seat of passions? Is it in the blood? Life itself? The Higher self? Is it Spirit? God? All that is?

I cannot answer the question for you. What I can say is, whatever you consider today, whatever choices you make or words that come out of your mouth or actions you undertake, check with your gut to see if it feels in alignment. Look within your heart and ask yourself, “Does is this consistent with my mission?”

Because you’re either acting in accordance with your highest intentions or you are not. Today, look for those intentions, that sense of “rightness” and importance, the fire of intensity and knowingness, to guide you. If you stay tuned, it’s hard to go wrong. This is your soul, ground zero for living a fulfilled, authentic life.

Do you feel a connection to your source, in whatever form you envision it?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games


  1. I have been working through my book The Intuitive Way, and doing my best to “listen”.

    • I’ve found that conscious awareness helps a lot in turning up “signal.” The more often and closely you reach for it, even just thinking about it, the smoother the flow becomes. That’s the way to do it, Angela!

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