08/05/13: Charged Up Potential / Star


In the Zodiac Tarot, sign associations are characterized by place. The Aquarian connection for the Star is aptly shown by a scene from the city. Both the electric, expansive energy and a sense of hope mixed with detachment are economically communicated through this metaphor.

Second only to the Fool, I think of the Star as a card of potentials unrealized. They are generally optimistic potentials, hopeful potentials for sure, but not promises. Wishing upon a Tarot Star doesn’t promise the fulfillment of a wish, only the possibility. It is, however, a powerful force. The star is electrical energy. Electricity can light up the world or burn it up. The helpfulness or harmfulness of electricity lies solely in how it’s  applied.

That’s what you have on hand today—electrical energy! Will it become a spark of brilliance that offers freedom, or a stinging burn of unfeeling words that cuts off connections? This is your choice. Just know that words are especially charged.

Are you feeling a charge?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Shine Thy Light!