03/26/13: Cosmic Perspective / Star (yes, again)


Tarot is stuttering today, with the same card as yesterday: The Star. In this lovely version from the Rosetta Tarot, she seems to carry attitude beyond the hopeful anticipation I so often read when seeing her. She has a peace about her, a sense of being wrapped up in cosmic energies so completely, with nary a question that whatever manifests is right.

“Good, bad or indifferent” in our day-to-day standards don’t matter much here, you know? She has a cosmic perspective; such can be challenging to cultivate.

I personally believe nothing is by accident. Not really. We’re here to learn, we’re here to develop and grow our souls, we’re here to pick up those skills we choose to study before incarnating,. Each individual becomes an artist, contributors to that collective creative expression we call “life.” Free will is the medium.

This Star-gazer knows.

Get yourself some cosmic perspective. Pull back, detach from outcomes and in doing so, you make yourself free. Do you see? If you KNOW whatever happens is “right” (no matter how you like it), but right by nature of the fact it happened, then you start to develop a more cosmic perspective. You start to see every option as a means to the same ultimate ends: growth.

I’m not saying you have to rejoice at difficult circumstance. I’m saying WHO you are isn’t set by WHAT happens in your life. Rather, look to what you do with what happens to you, how you express your free will. Our choices set the artistic tone of our lives, but no matter what, remembering that ultimately, all roads lead home is an incredibly freeing notion.

Do you have any kind of cosmic perspective?

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  1. This represents what I think of as “Classic Dixie” and makes me feel like I’m cheering at a football game like “Woooooo Baby”!!!

    It’s right because it happened.

    “Look to what you do with what happens to you…”

    This just restored a sense of power to this day, where I have to be somewhere I don’t want to be at all, in trepidation of the full moon…

  2. “detach from outcomes and in doing so, you make yourself free. Do you see? If you KNOW whatever happens is “right” (no matter how you like it), ”

    This is funny after what we were talking about yesterday. Yes, it HURTS & we may never know what the universe saved us from by giving us what is “right”. We know what we WANT but it may not be in our highest and best good.

  3. ::thumb up!::

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